Happiness & Blessings

Thank you so much for your great hospitality, kindness and all your efforts to make me feel comfortable and at home. It is true, I really felt at home. Doing your best with a positive smiling face and very welcoming made me feel at ease. The detox program was very good, and made me feel at the end of those 3 days, very healthy. I liked very much the yoga and the way you insisted upon correcting the different postures and pushing me to my limits and a little more. Wishing you both all the best of success, joy and happy thoughts.

I thank you both for the kindness you have shown to me, as well as the knowledge you have shared with me. The overall experience was absolutely amazing & now I feel relaxed, happy and healthy. I arrived at Saptrashmi feeling a little bloated, sore throat & blocked lungs from dust. By now, last day I felt less blocked than I had in long time, my throat was no longer sore & my lungs felt fresh! My skin was also the best I had never seen it. These benefits were just made better by my uplifted & happy mood, aa well as the pleasure of spending time with such a lovely couple.

Thank you very much for your efforts and kindness. We chose your Retreat in the first place because we didn't want to go to a commercial retreat, but instead of that to have a Indian experience, which we definitely got. We loved the Yoga and Meditation classes and are very thankful for everything we learned the last 4 days. Detoxification and food/cooking and the attention of both of you are much appreciated.

Thank you so much for these amazing days here. You are both so friendly & I feel really homy. These 4 days helped me to relax more and more and to feel more comfortable in my body. I would love to stay longer at you place and in looking forward to another great Retreat. The Yoga sessions were great! I learned more about breathing and how to open my lungs better to go deeper in the asanas. I will miss the massage, the food and last but not least your faces smiling all the time! Thank you very much for everything you shared with me.

Tarun and Aarti, thank you so much for such a truly wonderful week that has brought me so much inner peace, happiness and health. All the treatment that I have had has been fantastic, but what has made it even more, is the two of you. Your calming and positive energies are such a pleasure to be around and you have made me feel so welcome and relaxed and at home. I feel so great and healthy and I cannot thank you enough. I have really enjoyed the whole experience, the yoga has been particularly inspiring and I hope to keep it up. All my best wishes for your success and happiness and I hope that we will meet again. I would love to come back next year! And bring some friends too. Thank you again.

Dear Tarun & Aarti, thank you for being part of my healing process. Even though I fussed and wanted to give it up (especially Yoga time) you smiled and ignored me. Thank you for recognising that healing me was more important than my fussing. The food was excellent. I ate to live, not live to eat! This put a lot of things in perspective for my journey. I am glad I met with both of you. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Much love.

To the welcoming Tarun & Aarti, thank you for the hospitality, love and experience. Its been wonderful three days with extensive amount of body-mind - & soul connection. Thank you for the beautiful time, energy and experience from all three of us.

With love from Dubai - Maitha, Hessa and Humaid

We enjoyed every day experience and your company. You are very accommodating, attending to our wishes. I am very impressed with your deep beliefs and dedication to your work. Your experience and teachings will assist in making me a more calm and relaxed individual and live a healthy lifestyle. Best regards and best wishes on your future endeavours.

It was an interesting experience. We enjoyed meeting with Tarun & Aarti. Thanking you for bringing us here and keep smiling. Hopefully will meet in Chicago.

I cannot express my joy and greatfulness to the powers that exist for guiding me here to the Himalayas to grow, detox, learn, and finally breathe. My lifestyle in the USA includes many demanding sources that drain my energy and I often feel without peace or any privacy even in my home. In the short week I have been here my mind & body has grown stronger. I cannot thank Tarun enough for the continued support and lessons, Aarti for the extensive and thorough detailing of my body and spirit and for the wonderful food they gave for my body and soul. I had this weird rash on my back, I took American treatments and it persisted. After one week here, it is gone along with many other unwanted things I was carrying on my back also. Thank you. I truly love you. Hari om tat sat.

Thank you so much for a really great week. I have never done anything like this before & was quite nervous. Particularly as I was on my own. I felt welcome as soon as I met you though. The mountain location is really beautiful, & getting to stay & know a local family has been a fantastic experience. It was also nice to be in such a remote location & to take a complete break from daily life. The detox was tough at times, particularly at the beginning, but I feel great now & am so glad that I did it. The individual attention was fantastic, & Tarun & Aarti seemed to really care about how I was getting on, & to make sure I was comfortable & progressing. Thanks again - its been a great experience.

Thank you for making this experience so amazing. You both make it very easy for everyone to feel at home and relaxed. It's very easy to leave all tensions and worries behind in your presence. This has been one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had and I will never forget how I felt here.

I had an amazing time in India!!! Dr. Tarun and Dr. Arti took me to the most amazing village in Uttarakhand to do my 8 day Detox program. Not only did they take amazing care of me with fantastic treatments and great organic food, I also had the possibility to be part of the village life which was a life altering experience!! The treatments, the Himalayan scenery but most of all the kindness of the people including Dr. Tarun and Dr. Arti gave me an experience that I will never forget and that I will treasure for the rest of my life!!!

The Detox was challenging yet rewarding & I have been truly amazed at the individual attention, variety of treatments & care shown by Aarti all the way through. The Yoga had taught me so much not only about myself, but again the individual attention was really enabled me to grow & move forward in my practice. Tarun, the words that you offer are so focussed & spot on, that I will forever carry them with me. The setting for the retreat is totally breathtaking & such a wonderful surprise to wake up to on the first morning. Again thank you for the most relaxed, fun, amazing break of a lifetime. I feel re-energised, clear, focussed & happy. I hope to visit again next year!

The three days was just what I need- space in a busy life to reforms & detox my body, my mind & my spirit. 3 days is short, but I am confidant the time with you will make an impact. Every experience is an experience of a life time.

We enjoyed every day experience and your company. You are very accommodating, attending to our wishes. I am very impressed with your deep beliefs and dedication to your work. Your experience and teachings will assist in making me a more calm and relaxed individual and live a healthy lifestyle. Best regards and best wishes on your future endeavors.

You have taken much good care of me since the moment I arrived and I feel like a new person after just a brief stay. After a extended period of stress and sadness I will owe a change in my life to this much needed and much appreciated stay. Thank you for your warm hospitality, kindness, insight, treatment and fantastic cooking!

I have had a wonderful stay over the past 4 nights and I feel like I got what I came for - a chance to relax and turn off from the outside world. With such a hectic schedule, it is rare that I have an opportunity to do something like this. You are both very passionate about but you do. Thank you again for a wonderful stay.

Thank you for a enjoyable week. I have very much enjoyed + learned a lot from the Yoga + Treatments + Diet. I feel one of your strongest point would be both of you and your friendly, warm, knowledgeable approach. Also that you are both able to laugh and crack jokes occasionally put me very much at ease.