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Aarti Nautiyal - M.A.(Yoga), PGDYS, D.N.H.E., NDYD, B.Ped

Dr. Aarti- is our dietician, naturopath, health & wellness therapist. She has done M.A. (Masters in Yoga), PGDYS (Post Graduate diploma in Yogic Science), D.N.H.E.(Dietician Degree from IGNOU), NDYD (Doctor of Naturopathy & Yoga), B.Ped (Bachelor of Physical education). She is a holistic healer, who uses ancient techniques with modern science approach to cure/prevent body & mind Diseases. Deep & vast knowledge of natural, healthy & nutritious food provides many recipes to enhance our health & happiness. She blends a wealth of knowledge and experience acquired over many years from her extensive background in the holistic mind-body field and diverse training in healing modalities to create unique approach to natural health. Her deep commitment is expressed in a supportive, easy-going, and motivational and places emphasis on fostering a real sense of enjoyment in the practice of Yoga & ayurveda. She had represented uttrakhand state, in Cricket & Hockey sports as Captain of Team. Dr. Aarti’s main goal is to be at your service to help you reclaim and maintain your health.

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Tarun Sharma – NLP Practitioner, NDYD

Tarun - is a Holistic Health Coach, Naturopath, and Yoga Teacher from India. From the earliest of years he found himself fascinated with the healthy & natural life. This love and passion for all things to do with health led to a degree in Doctor of Yoga & naturopathy and Yoga Teacher Training from Bihar School of Yoga, Vedanta Study from Swami Sivananda Ashram-Rishikesh, Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga- Delhi. He also did courses as NLP (neuro linguistic programming), EFT (emotional freedom technique) & Landmark for deep understanding of Mind and its functions. He has done Marm Chikitsa (Vital points of body) to activate energy system of body & mind. He worked as Wealth manager in Multinational bank, before studying yoga & healthy lifestyle and then starting his health, happiness & wellness venture. Tarun strives to inspire as many people as possible by sharing his experiences and insights on how to live a better life. He loves to practice new things each day, teach, and empower others to overcome personal obstacles to bring about positive change.

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"To secure the health of the healthy population and treat those affected by disease conditions in the safest possible way using time tested remedies."


"To spread the traditional form of Yog & Nature Care and make it an integral part of life of all, healthy or diseased. To promote Yog & Nature Care and put it on the world map as a reliable , safe and sure way treating chronic conditions."