Welcome to Saptrashmi

Saptrashmi - Seven Rays of the SUN. The Sun bestows health, knowledge, power and vitality. Sun is the Presiding deity of health and healing. He is the fountain of health and energy. Sun is the visible representative of the Supreme Being. The Sun alone gives rise to time, days, weeks and years. Sun is the source of energy and life. Sun has quality of healing. We pray to the lord sun that provides us energy to help all to fulfill their aim in life.
Yogic Holy-DaysWe are Saptrashmi - a health & wellness venture. We offer Health/Improving Efficiency/ Positive Attitude/ Confidence Literacy programs to individuals, groups & students. We offer services by Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy & Diet consultancy. At Saptrashmi, our primary aim is to keep our customer healthy & happy, natural way. Providing a drug-diseases-stress free life & assisting to change Lifestyle disorders. We focus more on Body Detox program, where we help body & mind to gain its natural strength & energy.

We wish to serve those people who are serious about their health. Our motto is Prevention is better than Cure. Our style of yoga is serving all three segments of health:-

1. Physical Health : - Strengthen digestive, blood circulatory, reproductive, respiratory system & Bone structure.
2. Mental Health : - Releasing stress, increasing work capacity.
3. Emotional Health : - Maintain balance between professional & personal life.
img YOG
Harmony is called Yog-Says the Bhagavad-Gita. In spite of all scientific advancement, even today continues to suffer as before, from the beginning of recorded history.  This is due to disharmony within himself and the world outside. All our troubles are due to a disharmony among these three, the body, Pran and Mind. Yog brings about this harmony. It describes Asan (posture), Pranayam (regulation of breath) and Dhyan (Concentration and meditation). Asana is for bringing about harmony in the body, Pranayam in pran and Dhyan in the mind. Yog is Union of all the three and make harmony in life.
Health alone is truth, not disease. Nature Cure is both a therapy and a way of life. Observe the Laws of Nature, Utilize the five elements to your best advantage, And enjoy perfect physical and mental health – Swami Sivananda.

 A way of living naturally. Every object is made of five elements –Water, Fire, Air, Solid & Space. Naturopathy helps to maintain all elements in our body & helps us to detoxify it by removing all the foreign elements which we take in our body in our daily life, knowingly or unknowingly. It helps us to live life healthy & Blissful.